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Care and Keeping Of Your Plumeria

You have purchased a very easy to care for Exotic Tropical Plant that will give you many years of pleasure with very simple care.

PLANTING - Plant your plumeria cutting (Cut Side Down) in a 1 or 2 gallon pot (these plants grow very quickly) in well drained potting soil. Your Plumeria likes to drink water but can't stand constant wet feet - it will rot. Bury the flat side of the cutting 4-6 inches in the soil. It should stand well by itself. Put outside when danger of frost is past. Start the first week in shade and then move to full sun. This plant likes sun - It can stand Texas sun. The first year the plant will grow leaves and probably not bloom. Feed 2 times a month from May to September. The cutting may grow 2 feet the first year. The second year it should bloom - The Plumeria must be in Full Sun to bloom.

WINTER - Bring plant indoors when it gets near freezing - don't wait - plumerias are very susceptible to the freeze. Either grow at a sunny window or place in a cool dark place and it will drop its leaves and go dormant. Stop watering as plant has no need for water during the dormant state. In the spring of the year place back outside and enjoy your Plumeria for another season. If you have NO WINTER FREEZE - you can plant the Plumeria directly in the ground and they will grow into large trees, some times 30-40 feet tall.

FLOWERS - Are very fragrant - You know the plumeria candles and bath scents - that is the fragrance of the white and yellow plumeria. The man made hybrids have more of a citrus smell. The Plumeria bloom from May - September. These are the very popular lei flowers of Hawaii. Enjoy your own piece of Hawaiian Paradise. Any other questions, email.


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